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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gold Diggers in Training

I couldn't help but comment on the Gold Diggers in training segment that aired on the Tyra Banks Show.

History had a very good reason for Mothers teaching daughters the benefits of marrying for money, but in today's society and in our western world, it is totally a different ball game. It's different because we have no fault divorce in our present day marriages, and marrying for money has taken on a whole new meaning and a whole new result.

In our Gold Digger Nation, it is conceivable to not only marry for money, but to divorce specifically for money. If a spouse doesn't receive what they desire in the marriage, they can contemplate divorce as a feasible alternative. Yes, it's that easy in our Gold Digger Nation.

Watching these mothers teaching their young daughters the tricks of the "system" or Gold Digging in Training, drew me to a few comparisons. I compared gold digging trickery to cheating the government, fooling workmen's compensation, maximizing welfare payments, or faking injuries from insurance companies. All of these have one thing in common, these are all examples of attempting to get something for nothing at someone else's expense. Guess which one is the only legal method of doing this? Go ahead, guess?.....Bingo.........only Gold Digging is legal. Not only will it not be investigated, or questioned, it's actually encouraged under the auspices of "no fault" divorce as an entitlement. Even if you are the one cheating on your spouse, not adding any contribution to the union, or even stealing money, you're entitled to all the goodies of our Gold Digger Nation.

Rather than encouraging their young daughters to be good citizens, spouses, study hard, achieve rewarding careers, and contributing something to mankind, society, or to the neighborhood, they are showing them the ropes to conning some "dupe" and reaping the benefits courtesy of our family law statutes.

Wanting the most and best for your children is great and I commend all parents to do this. Teach them and encourage them to make their own money, achieve greatness, contribute, and help. With 60% of university enrollment presently female, and more women than men now working, there is no present day reason that women can't achieve whatever they want to. Yes, even the President of the United States.

Isn't it appalling that we can condem these mother's actions, yet turn a blind eye to the millions of men (97% of payors are men) being "hosed" in our family courts? Shouldn't we expect justice in our court system?

As long as we have family courts dishing out funds, children, assets, and property from men to women, mothers will continue to teach their daughters the quickest and easiest way to receive without putting forth the work for it. Gold Diggers in training are there because our Gold Digger Nation gives them the pass.

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