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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gold Digger Defined 2010

There's lots of labeling going around these days concerning the term "gold digger". It seems to range from paying for dinner entitlement, all the way up to multi million dollar divorce awards. I believe this label is too general and that it needs to be broken down into sub-labels for clarification purposes.

The gal or guy that is out for a free dinner and perhaps the perks of trips to Vegas and Hawaii, is what I would label Gold Digging "Light". This is very similar to prostitution with no money being exchanged but rather goods and services instead. If he or she gives you a thousand for a new outfit(s), that's just Gold Digging. If you receive a thousand with no stipulation, that's prostitution. You see how fine the line is?

To go one step further, if you really like the guy and accept all these "gifts", it's still gold digging. If you accept the cash and really like the guy as well, it's still prostitution. But we're splitting hairs here. If the only reciprocity is sex/companionship for the gifts, trips, dinners, and shows, that's a very fine line between prostitution and gold digging.

The above is minimal on the Gold Digger scale. In fact it's so common place in 2010, that it's considered acceptable and down right expected in our Gold Digger Nation.

Now let's look at "Major League Gold Digging". We're not talking minor league stuff like jewellery, dinners, trips, and gifts. Rather, we're now discussing houses, assets, furnishings, monies, and annuities. This major league Gold Digging is also known as divorce!

Regardless of intentions going into the marriage, one thing is for sure, one of you will end up a gold digger, and the other will end up the dupe. That's the way the system is set up. The question which remains is how much?

You see, it's all been taken care of for you. The biggest Gold Digger is the 800 pound Gorilla, known as our Family Law System, that has been turned into a court of redistribution. It redistributes children, monies, assets, and power. The court and the court jesters...the judges, the lawyers, the forensic accountants, the psychologists, are the diggers. They do the work and you get the gold. Needless to say, not only is this legal in our family courts, but society has accepted this as the norm.

Major League Gold Digging requires either a marriage and or cohabitation for a specific period of time. Once this is in place, you can cheat, abuse, contribute nothing, steal, and even abscond with the children, and none of the above will affect your Gold Digger award and status. You must be wondering now, how do I protect myself from the Gold Digger laws?. Given the choice between major League Gold Digging and Gold Digging light, choose the latter. That's the only way to protect yourself. Also, wear a condom!

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  1. Great work Hal. I see a lot of symmetrical thinking even though we have never met. Using your sense of humour to deal with such a serious issue is a terrific way to impart the message. Good luck.