Gold Digger Nation

Friday, November 27, 2009


A recent report by the Vanier Institute of Marriage, reported that high school students, when surveyed, are anticipating marriage by a 9 to 1 margin, or 90%. The report goes on to say that this percentage is exactly the same when students were asked the same question in the 50’s, or two generations ago.

This statistic floored me. All the information that we think they have, that they have witnessed and gone through as part of the divorce industry statistics, and still there is this type of desire to tie the knot. Amazing! In a way, it supported my claim that teenagers need to get the message that I wrote in the book. It solidified my belief that the information of what it’s like to live in a Gold Digger Nation is simply not being communicated. We have to do a better job of laying out the facts, explaining the potential consequences, and do so in an informative setting , not by lecturing to them or scolding them but rather than by informing them.

Whether it be a son or a daughter, every parent has a responsibility to inform their children and everyone’s children about the dangers and tribulations of marriage in a Gold Digger Nation. It is not a personal opinion like being a liberal or a conservative. Rather, it’s similar to explaining the birds and the bees to younger children, so they have a basis for what lies ahead. To not inform, is to allow our uninformed youth to potentially face a lifetime of misery and servitude, even though they did nothing wrong. Like the vast majority of people today, they won’t know what hit them until it’s too late. It’s not only in a divorce scenario that this may happen. Rather, it effects marriage right from the “get-go”.

Ninety percent is exactly the same percentage as the Fifties. Wouldn’t we be alarmed if the same percentage of teens today were asked if they planned on smoking cigarettes as their counterparts in the fifties? With everything we know now, it is mind boggling to drive by a high school and see teenagers outside smoking. This is how I see the comparison.

It confirms my belief that teenagers are not getting the information about the realities and consequences of marriage in today’s society from their families, schools, peers, media, or anywhere for that matter. It is for this reason, I’m so glad I wrote the book, Gold Digger Nation. It is specifically this generation that I’m hoping to communicate with. Chances are, they won’t have the understanding to pick up this book and read it. This is why it is so important for you to communicate the importance to them of reading the book. The marriage, no marriage decision may be more important than what profession they will choose as a career. I’m sure you’ve spoken to them about that subject.!

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